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The National Bullying Helpline is a voluntary organisation run by caring people that give their time freely everyday in the fight against bullying. We are passionate about helping people affected by the negative impact of bullying.


It’s heart breaking to read negative and spiteful reviews online from people we have tried our best to help. I guess it's the nature of the job, after all, we deal with bullies on a daily basis and bullies like to throw stones at shiny things. We don't do this for recognition, but when we hear from all the people that have successfully dealt with their bullying issues because of something we did, or when we read online, how we’ve managed to help someone. It fills us with pride and gives us the strength to get up and fight another day.


From the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone that’s contacted us or left a review, praising the work we do.

What our customers say

"I have been blown away by her knowledge"

Anyone who has faced any type of harassment in the workplace, should not hesitate to contact the National Bullying Helpline. I couldn't have been made to feel more comfortable and reassured, when discussing my experience with Christine. She was very calm and listened with a genuine interest to what I had experienced in my work place. I have been blown away by her knowledge, drive, tenacity and what is clearly a passion to help those, like myself, who feel they have no voice and nowhere to turn for at. Amazingly I have not been charged, this has been FREE Without her help, I wouldn't have a fraction of the hope that I now have of reaching a fair and just conclusion.


Massive thank you to the National Bullying Helpline.




"I couldn't have done this without you"

I must highly recommend Christine and her team. Anyone who is or has encountered any kind of bullying should not hesitate to make the call to the National Bullying Helpline, i couldn't have been more professionally supported and personally supported. Christine will be open and honest about what to do no matter what, at least for reassurance. I requested support for a workplace issue, which was causing immense stress and affecting my health, which i couldn’t have faced alone. I asked if Christine would act on my behalf, so had no contact with my employer and the issue was resolved. Thank you again Christine i couldn't have done this without you




"I found the NBH to be extremely supportive during a very difficult time"

I found the NBH to be extremely supportive during a very difficult time. Christine Pratt's extensive understanding and knowledge, together with her practical advice and support, was fantastic.




"Thank you for your time, indeed out of hours, for the wisdom and kindness"

I am writing this brief review of the helpline following our recent dialogue in helping us resolve a case of bullying in the workplace. I am an 82 years old Master Mariner who has commanded ships doing the more difficult marine tasks and managed a workforce over nine hundred strong in the subArctic waters of the Atlantic. In other words a wealth of management experience. Nevertheless I found the need to contact you for advice in the difficult subject of bullying. The fact that bullying is so pernicious that it is a cause of considerable mental health issues and suicide is enough reason to seek advice immediately.


I thank you for your time, indeed out of hours, for the wisdom and kindness.

You did what you claim to do, help, and do it professionally.

Captain Hogan



"Christine showed a deep understanding of my difficulty"

From the start, Christine Pratt showed a deep understanding of my difficulty, displaying both a high sense of sensitivity and empathy. Christine’s advice and support, founded clearly on her own experience, was nothing short of excellent throughout the issues then prevailing. During that time I greatly valued, and was appreciative of, her input, guidance and professionalism. I would gladly recommend anyone needing the specialist help of the kind Christine provides to seek her assistance.




"Christine has vast HR Director level experience"

I was recommended to call Christine by a friend who had experienced a most stressful unfair dismissal in the past and I'm so glad I did. Christine has vast HR Director level experience who worked through my issues calmly and in great detail. She cuts to the important matters through all the stressful 'chitter-chatter' one gives out at these most terrible times. Whilst we are at early days, I am hugely encouraged by the work produced by NBH and their exceptional legal back-up team. There is a clearly defined small charitable no-win-no donation arrangement for lengthy later work, but this is vastly lower than any solicitor could offer and no solicitor could match Christine's direct HR experience and genuine care. I feel that I am in the best hands possible.




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