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National Bullying Helpline Case Assessments

The National Bullying Helpline Case Assessment Service

The National Bullying Helpline is a not-for-profit charitable organisation. Our Volunteers all give their time freely to the helpline and our services are increasingly in demand.


We are aware that employees calling our helpline have high expectations in terms of the support we are able to offer them. In the employment arena, we point out that we are not Employment Law Solicitors and nor do we pretend to be. Employment Law fees are generally known to be fairly costly so it is understandable that callers to our helpline will research to find affordable, or even free, alternatives.


Often, before triggering a formal workplace complaints process, an employee will want to understand whether their case has any merit or likelihood of success, what the risks are and what all their options are. We completely understand this.


Employee’s calling our helpline in distress will often want more than just a 10 minutes discussion with a helpline volunteer. They may be suffering with Work Related Stress or anxiety. They likely need urgent, professional, expertise that some of our volunteers are unable to provide during that first call. With this in mind, and due to demand, we are now introducing ‘optional’ fee-paying services through The National Bullying Helpline.

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We will asses your case based on the information provided and issue with a professional, case specific report.

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What's included in the the Case Assessment Report

If you instruct us to carry out an assessment of your case you will receive a professional overview of your circumstances from a qualified HR or Employment Law specialist. On conclusion of the process, you receive a comprehensive Case Assessment Report. This will help you make all important decisions before embarking on a potentially life-changing process. Hopefully, it will give you confidence moving forward and guide you through the process - and help you understand:


  • What your employment rights are
  • Whether your case has merit
  • What the risks are
  • What your options are moving forward
  • How to proceed and what steps to take next


On conclusion of the assessment, you receive a Case Assessment Report highlighting the strengths of your case based on the information you provide to us. It will refer to relevant employment legislation (ie: race, age, sex or disability discrimination) and will guide you procedurally. You also receive advice on how to present your case to your employer. The Report will clarify the difference between lawful dismissal and unfair or constructive dismissal and how this relates to your case. You will be advised of timelines; which are important to understand when considering the in-house complaints process, the ACAS conciliation process and Employment Tribunals. Of importance, the Report will detail Case Law relevant to your personal circumstances. A huge advantage to yourself will be the confidence this service provides to those who are unsure about their employment rights.

Can a charitable organisation charge for services?

The answer is ‘Yes’ providing the person requiring the service benefits through receipt of quality advice and provided the charitable organisation benefits too, thereby enabling the operation to reach out and assist others.

All helpline callers receive free advice during the first call. This applies to employees too, who will have received free advice from our Volunteer taking their call. There is lots of free legal and practical employment related advice on our website and free support is available to everyone via our helpline.


We are now introducing cost-effective professional fee paying services for those who are not members of a Trade Union and/or who cannot necessarily afford to pay up-front, sometimes costly, solicitors fees in order to simply understand the merit of their case and a perceived likelihood of success. It is perfectly lawful for a ‘not for profit’ charitable organisation to charge for professional services – as long as the provision of those services are open and transparent and the person requiring the service agrees to proceed in the full knowledge that fees are chargeable.




We take your privacy seriously. All information provided to us will be deemed to be confidential. We will not transfer your data to a third party without your consent. We have a GDPR statement on our website. Please note: we are not Employment Law Solicitors. We will not represent members of the public in an Employment Tribunal matter. We may, however, recommend Employment Law Solicitors to you who will be able to assist you. Your client arrangement with that firm will be confidential and is between you and that firm. In addition to this, there are a number of dispute resolution service providers on our website who may also be able to assist you. After your fee has been paid for a NBH Case Assessment and the Case Assessment Report has been sent to you, your fee is non-refundable. We have a Cooling Down policy and Complaints policy.

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